Chasing Greece

by Louie

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Let me tell you these past few months have been hell. Issues and struggles in every important aspect of my life. I've been lied to, used, stressed beyond belief, and just straight up exhausted. Dealing with working so much and trying to finish school and maintaining a happy relationship which I worked so hard for. It's all hitting me hard. I apologize for the attitudes, the disownment, the distance I placed between myself and my friends and family, and just not being as reliable as people hold me up to be. I have a busy life and It only gets busier and I'm trying to manage it all. I used to really be against the saying, "You can't make everyone happy." I would always reply that I was going to try, but as of late I've stopped trying. I'm going to start again. I've begun to start again. I'm going to be there for my artist, for my family, for my friends, and for my remarkable girlfriend.

I made most of these songs at my lowest point. When I didn't value myself. I didn't care what my loved ones thought about me. I just wanted to get my life out of this chaos, but I realize I need those loved ones to maintain my sanity. When I composed these records, it was refreshing. It didn't help me get through a lot of issues I've had, but for the moment, it kept my mind off everything. I still have things I need to work on myself that music won't help. Thank you fans and supporters for being there with me.

Thanks to my schoolmates Micah and Lance for the vocals they threw on some songs. You guys are so talented and I'm for real jealous of yall. You too, Jaake Thank you for feeling me on the beats and helping get a peace of mind on some things. Thank you, too 1Steve for your words of encouragement, for pushing me, and for staying out of jail for more than a month lol.

Thank you my BEACH family! Enfermo, Lamar, Luke. Im sorry for being so distance and for not being there for you guys like I should. I seriously love you guys and thanks you guys for keeping my spirits up.

Thank you to my brother K.I. for pushing me and staying on my ass and for just being there, man. You may not know this, but you've been holding me up for the longest.

To my brother, Shag. Keep your head up. I read your last description on your last beat tape and stay killing those tracks and working. You're so much more than you make yourself out to be. Keep your head up and very soon you're going to blow up like crazy. I know I haven't seen you in awhile or talk much, but you're on my mind, too, bro. I emphasize your struggle, but keep them beats up, homie! Much love.

Thank you Clay for keeping me laughing during our sessions! NFWOA! I got nothing but love for you, fam.

Please listen fully and enjoy these instrumentals. I went a lot of different directions for this tape. Ive had a lot of different moods and emotions making these beats. I feel like it all flows. You can hear wear my mind has been at. I hope these will someway and/or somehow help you all with whatever internal struggles you may have. Mental demons are the worst and hardest to get rid of. I know that better than anyone.

Sorry for the rant. Just a lot going on. Pray for me. Thank you for listening and for some advice from me; Always be there for the people you truly care about. Put yourself before others, but keep in mind you also have purpose and you need to work to progress yourself somewhere in life. You owe yourself that.

I should have gone to Chicago.
I should have been there that Tuesday night.
I should have tried harder much sooner.
I brought most of this shit on myself...


released October 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Louie Fort Worth, Texas


25 Year Old Producer from New Orleans based in Ft. Worth, TX.

Sane. =D

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