1990 Til' Silver

by Louie

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It's that time again I type out a novel about these beats and life :) I've been in such a great peace of mind lately, but one thing that has gotten to me lately is the fact that I haven't been providing music for my faithful listeners. If I didn't have you guys as an audience, I really doubt I would be taking the time to put these beat tapes together. i apologize for only releasing two projects this year, but I was in heavy rebuilding process of my life after all the events that went on in the end of 2014. A lot of major changes. My lifestyle. My Health. My mental state. Everything was reshaped. I've finally caught up with my schooling. I'm working out almost everyday. Started boxing earlier this year and that's a huge stress reliever and odd form of therapy for me. This entire year was just an improvement for me and I thank God for where he has placed me in my life at the moment.

Ok. Music. =D This tape is a dedication to all those that saved me from myself. I wouldn't be where I am right now if it wasn't for my friends and family. This year started out really rough for me and I want to thank all of you individually.

I want to first thank my Mother and Father for everything they've done for me and for teaching me everything they know about music when I was younger. My Mom is an amazing singer and my father is the greatest pianist I know and had he not showed me how to play the drums when I was younger, I would not have developed the skills I have today with music. Thank you both for being there for me in an infinite amount of ways. Thank you London for being an ear for me and keeping me company when I was at my lowest point and not judging me too much for the stupid stuff i did lol. You helped me out tremendously in the beginning of the year and I have nothing but love for you, you midget! Thanks to my brother Luke for also being there for me when needed. We have some work to do in 2016 and I'm proud of everything you're accomplishing so far with your life. Keeping working, bro. S/o to Clay for keeping me in check and wildin out with me and reminded me to have fun. We can only go up from here, dude. Thank you K.I. for pushing me to be a better producer and person as we go forth to a bigger platform. Thank yous guys for giving greater opportunities to get myself noticed. Thank you Natalie for being my friend and for all the great conversations we have about everything. You keep me laughing and in good spirits and I pray that you and Daniel have a wonderful wedding very soon! Josh my oldest friend, I truly appreciate you for being available to talk to since we were younger. Love you and Mama D very much!

A special thank to the Rooster Teeth FB Group I admin. Almost 6,000 of you amazing people really boosted my ego lol but I needed it. Thank you all and stay perfect!

Lastly. Chase. Jordan. Karla. Von. I talked to you stupid idiots almost everyday this year and I know y'all are going to roast the hell out of me for getting in the feels, but you guys kept me from going crazy. Every night we played Xbox was therapy. Hours of dumb conversations and stupid jokes lol I love you niggas for real. Thank you idiots!

I promise my descriptions will never be this long again, I just had an unexpectedly wonderful year thanks to my loved ones. Make sure you keep the people you truly care about happy and loved. Don't bring anyone down even if it may benefit you. I'm still learning, but throughout it all I'm still moving forward. :)

Happy 2016!


released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Louie Fort Worth, Texas


25 Year Old Producer from New Orleans based in Ft. Worth, TX.

Sane. =D

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